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Hi, UPS Users welcome to UPS Customer Service Phone Numbers Post. We often use postal services to get your package or parcel gets delivered to the destination location. But the main problem faced by the user’s id that their parcel doesn’t reach the destination address on time or if they need to dispatch any article or parcel in a short time and want it to get the same day delivery then this service may not be available in each postal service providers. UPS provides all these facilities of timely delivery of your parcel and also various other services for their customers. Every customer needs flexibility in services offered to them and UPS has provided a wide range of flexible services to their customers.

UPS is one of the fastest-growing package delivery companies worldwide. And now has more than 7+ million employees working with them and delivers an average of 15 million packages daily in almost every corner of the world. And each UPS store location provides a large range of UPS services. This UPS location will also help you in the packaging and labeling of your package. For people with busy schedules, these UPS location provides the flexible working hours. You can get domestic, national, or international shipping facility from any of these stores.

If you are a regular customer of UPS then you might be aware of the ways to contact UPS customer care. In every company, users may have some grievances, queries, complaints, and suggestions regarding various services offered to them and for this, every company offers customer support service to solve the issues of customers. But if you are not a regular customer of UPS you might not be aware of how to contact the UPS customer officials to get your problem solved. In this article, we have explained all the ways by which you can easily get your query solved by UPS customer support. You can easily contact them following the below-mentioned step carefully.

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If you are looking for the method to contact the UPS customer care service then read this article carefully till the end. In this article, we have explained all the methods by using which you can easily contact the UPS customer care for you different problems. Here you will be guided on how to approach customer care according to your problem.

A list of various UPS customer service center related to specific service is given below have a look at it:

  • UPS customer service numbers
  • UPS Freight Customer care service number
  • UPS international customer care service number
  • UPS customer care service for complaints and suggestions.

A company can increase its business profit and believe among their customers only if they provide quality services to their customers and remain equally determined to solve the query and complaints of their valuable customers. A happy and satisfied customer is the hallmark of company success. And every company tries to solve their customer’s queries by different means and provide satisfaction to their customers. But a common method used by each company is customer helpline numbers for their customers to easily approach the company in case of any problem, query, complaint, and suggestions.

If you are a customer of UPS and have some issue or complaint regarding any service or any of your parcel delivery then you can easily contact the UPS customer care executive on their helpline number 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®) and UPS customer care executive will solve your query. You can follow the steps provided below to contact the UPS customer care executive.

  • First of all dial UPS customer care support no. provided here 1-800-742-5877 and listen to the instructions carefully.

ups customer service number

  • Once the system starts asking you questions then press “0” and wait for system response.
  • Again when the system starts speaking then again press “0” and wait for the system response.
  • Now your call should be transferred to customer care wait for the executive to join you and solve your query.
  • This is all you need to do to contact UPS customer care executive for getting your query answered 

Every service providers provide some shortcuts or you may say some easy ways to get some common queries solved. Before dialing customer care support you must be well aware of the method of using customer care number for getting you different problem solved:

  • Shipment tracking query/help: if you have any query related to tracking of your courier package or want any information regarding your lost or damaged package then you may call on the number provided above once on the successful connection of call say “Tracking “ and tell them the courier tracking number of your parcel and address them with your problem.
  • UPS Info Notice helpline service:  in case you need any assistance regarding UPS Info Notice then you may call on the number provided in the article. And on successful connection say “Tracking” and tell them your UPS Info Notice number and wait for their instructions regarding your package. You can also request for your address change in case of a wrong address or your unavailability at the given location and even can schedule your package delivery in case you are out of state or unable to receive the courier.

  • Schedule your delivery helpline: many times we need to go out of station for any important work and at the same time any important package may arrive and return from your doorstep. To avoid this situation UPS has a service named Schedule a pickup/delivery all users can avail of this service. If you need to avail of this service by using the UPS customer care executive number you have to dial the pre-provide UPS customer care executive number and wait for the successful connection of the call. On the successful connection of the call say “send a package” and wait for the system response and follow the instructions carefully. You can also get various other information such as the transit time of your package and national or international delivery of package-related information.
  • Order Supplies help/query: if you need any help regarding the office supplies material on phone then call on the above-provided number and on-call connecting say “Order supplies” and wait for the system response and follow the instructions.    

Note: For customers who are hearing disabled, they have provided different customer executive numbers 1-800-833-0056. And for international import and export service number provided is 800-742-5727.

Important points every customer should follow while calling UPS customer care executive:

  • Your voice should be audible to the customer care executive in order to better understand your query or problem.
  • You should have all the details ready with you before contacting the UPS customer care as it will help you in keeping your query to them.
  • Never forget to get your complaint number from them as it will help you if your problem is not solved and you need to call again.
  • Always be polite and should give the customer executive proper time for solving your problem completely.

UPS Freight Customer Service Numbers

UPS freight service center provides all facilities to handle your international shipments of the courier. These are the staffed service center provided for the help of the customers. These UPS service centers are generally available near the airports for the convenience and timely delivery of your international packages. What you have to do is simply drop off your packages at the nearest UPS center. The working hour of these centers may vary according to your location you can filter these centers via UPS locator for your better convenience. In case if you have any query regarding your freight package then you may contact on the number provided below:

Query related to truckload- 800-333-7400, 888-682-4652

Query related to Air Freight- 800-443-6379 and

Query related to Ocean Freight- 800-350-8440

UPS customer service center is available 24*7 for their customers if you need help or assistance related to the shipping service or any other emergency service you can call on the UPS customer care number to get your problem solved easily.

UPS Customer Support Email Service

Email service support is now a common service provided by each company to help their customer in reaching them. Generally, this service is used by those customers who don’t need a quick response to their query or if any customer wants to give any type of suggestion to the company then email support service is preferred by the users. Sometimes you may not be in a condition to address your problem to customer care through the call then you may contact the UPS customer support by email service.

What you need to do is to write your full query/problem in detail in email and send it to the UPS customer officials and your problem will be solved as soon as possible. For this, you need to go to the UPS official website and look for the contact us section on the homepage and you will the email address of the UPS customer support from there.

Steps to use the UPS customer support email service are given below follow the steps carefully:

  • Firstly visit the UPS official website by clicking here
  • Look for the contact us section on the homepage and click on that you will be redirected to the next page.
  • Now you will see the email button there just click on that window.

UPS Customer Service Email Address

  • A new window will be open as shown in the below image

ups customer support

  • In this window, you have to fill all the details related to your Each point marks with * in front of them are mandatory to fill.

ups customer complain form

  • Now select the support category from the options provided in the list and then select the support topic.
  • Refer the below images for your convenience it will help you in contacting UPS customer support.
  • It will ask you for your country name, your telephone number, and your courier tracking number for further proceeding with you.
  • After filling all the required fields click on the send button and your email is sent. Now you will receive a system generated email about the confirmation of the receipt of the email.
  • You will get the reply from the UPS customer officials within the 24 hours of your email.

Read and follow all these above-mentioned steps carefully to contact the UPS customer’s service support by means of email.

UPS International Customer Support Service

UPS also has services available for their customers who are out of their country for some reason. We have provided the procedure for contacting the UPS customer support service if you are out of the USA. You don’t need to do anything additional to contact UPS customer support. Read the below-mentioned steps carefully and follow them:

  • Firstly visit the UPS official website by clicking here
  • Look for the contact us section on the homepage and click on that you will be redirected to the next page showing the three options as shown in the image.
  • Select the option indicated in the image with a circle and you will be redirected to the new window having the list of regions where UPS service is available.

ups contact customer service

  • You will find your region too in that list click on your region and it will show you the list of countries where UPS services are available.

ups worldwide

  • Select your country and you will find the contact list of UPS officials for your country region on that page along with email address and other contact modes details.

ups support countries

  • Also, each country and region has a different UPS official website you can directly visit your country UPS official website and get the contact details of UPS customer support from there.
  • For ease of the different language peoples, UPS official website is available in various language one can use the UPS official website in a language he is comfortable in.

Refer the images provided along with the steps to better understand the method to contact the UPS customer officials from outside of your country. Once you have the contact details of your country’s UPS support officials you can easily contact them in case of any problem or emergency.

UPS Customer Support Service for Complaints

UPS has a different set of people or workers working for solving the grievances of their customers or in other words, a different department dealing with the complaints registered y their users. Below in this paragraph, we have provided the method and tip to register a complaint against any of the ups services along with their phone number and other contact details.

UPS complaint number: the UPS customer support complaint number is open for 24*7 for their customers. To register a complaint against the UPS services or any other courier related complaint you can call on 1-800-742-5877.

UPS local postmaster contact detail: for a general problem related to the delivery of your package or any other small problem which may be solved by visiting the nearest UPS store can be solved by visiting nearest UPS store postmaster. He will surely help in your problem. If you don’t know how to about the nearest UPS store of your location then you can easily find the nearest UPS store by reading our previous article on “how to find the nearest UPS location” for detail.

  • Go to UPS official website.
  • Click on the “Location” from the main menu bar.
  • A new page will be open like shown in below image.

Contact UPS Local Postmaster

  • Write your location in the field provided or select the option “Use my current location”. See all the option and select the option with UPS customer center from the “location type” drop down menu.
  • You can also refine more according to your preferences (optional).
  • Click the search button and your all the result will be displayed. Select your suitable location from it and note down all the details of the office.

ups postmaster contact

You can see above the image showing UPS offices near Anchorage city of USA.

Online complaint service:  UPS also provides an online facility to register a complaint online for those who are unable to call for registering their complaint. You can register a complaint online by using the online customer service on the UPS official website. You can get the complaint form online from the official website and fill that form stating your problem and complaint along with all the necessary details in that form and submit that form by clicking the submit button. Click here for complain form

UPS Fraud/Spam Detection:

As popular as a company becomes among its customer more the number of scams starts on the name of that company. So each big company has a separate department dealing with such cases. If you have any doubt regarding any of the emails received to you from someone you doubt claiming to be the ups worker or officials you can forward that email to [email protected] and UPS will deal with that email.

UPS Mail Fraud

Also if you think of any kind of problem-related to your bill you feel that you have been charged extra for their services. Then you may also get by emailing the details of your bill to the customer support and if there is any problem present on your bill then you will get your money back. Sometimes UPS charges their customers related to air and ground shipping documents with your account. If you don’t use any of these documents then you can ask UPS to restrict these documents from your account by emailing them at [email protected].

Below we have mentioned some of the important points which one should be aware of before using UPS services to protect you from the risk of fraud are as follows:

  • If you are not sure of any email sender then it is advised not to open those emails. These emails will try to attract you with some mind-blowing offers and so will ask you to enter your personal credentials.
  • If any person on the call or email asks you for your UPS account information then consider those emails and calls as spam and never react to those emails and calls.
  • While logging into your UPS account you should always keep in mind to use the safe and secure browser for safety purposes.
  • Never give your UPS login credentials to anyone whether it’s your relative or neighbor. And always keep updating your password at a regular interval.
  • Never use a simple password for your UPS account or any such password like your date of birth, name, or place which is easily predictable. Use a strong password combination of letters, digits, and special characters.
  • Always keep your system and software up to date and your system should have a proper firewall and antivirus installed to keep your pc and data safe.

A common fraud related to the UPS service heard now a day in some countries of the world is UPS reference number fraud. UPS officials are also working on methods to get the chances of fraud reduced to almost zero. But we can also make ourselves self-safer by following the above-mentioned safety precautions and some simple steps mentioned in the below paragraph related to the UPS reference number:

    • Any suspicious call or message asking you to approve the tracking number with the reference number should be ignored.
    • Keep your courier tracking no. confidential and never give it to an
    • Always try to create a long and difficult reference number using the combination of both letters and numbers.

In case you find any change in your reference number or any change with your account doesn’t hesitate to contact the UPS customer support executive regarding the same.

Following the above-mentioned steps you will always be secured from any kind of fraud and in case you detect any fraud you can easily approach the UPS officials.


In this article, we have discussed the various methods to contact the UPS customer support service. And also have tried to explain all the methods step by step along with some key points to remember while contacting the customer support executive to get your problem solved by them. UPS is always determined to solve the queries of their customers on time. But before contacting the UPS customer support service you must be well aware of your problem as it will save time for both and the problem will be solved easily.

You may also get the service rates, store locations and various other queries from the UPS customer support service and they will help you with each problem. Try the UPS customer support service and do share your experience with the UPS customer support service below in the comment section as it might help someone in getting an idea of the real process of contacting UPS customer support service. Your all doubt related to the UPS customer support service must be cleared now and if you have still any doubt left you may comment it down in the comment section and we will reply to you soon.

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