UPS Tracking Order: Best Ways to Track UPS Package

UPS services were started from 28 August 1907, and from then they have been serving the peoples for more than 100+ years and have established themselves among the top delivery services by its impressive services. It was founded by James E. Casey an American businessperson to provide enhanced and better delivery of parcel and goods. Earlier this service was launched only for people of the USA but now serving their services all over the world. UPS is spread in more than 200 countries with its lots of services like logistics services, courier services, freight services, etc. UPS is quite famous for its quality service in the field of delivery of any package or courier in a limited time. As per a recent survey, UPS delivers more than 15 million parcels daily, and also it is found that more than 7 million people in each country use the UPS services. As per the UPS record, it has more than 50,000 service locations all over the world. UPS services users are increasing day by day mostly used for the international delivery of parcels across the world sitting at your home.

UPS Tracking

There are various phases through which the articles or parcels have to pass before getting delivered to the destination. Keeping in mind the safety of the package and security of the UPS workers parcels are checked and then processed further for the next steps. The user has to follow some rules and regulations regarding the package delivery system, and UPS is very strict with their rules keeping in mind the safety. This is the bonus point of using the UPS services means the guarantee that your parcel will be delivered safely.

During the processing of parcels from the booking location to the destination address is followed in steps. Once you leave your package at any of the UPS locations, you keep worrying about whether your product will be delivered on time or not. UPS provides the parcel tracking services to track your order whenever required. UPS provides the UPS tracking id by using that you can track your order and get the latest update regarding your parcel and get the estimated time of delivery of your parcel and also can know which process has taken how much time and in the case of delay can contact regarding the delay of your parcel.

All users are well aware of all the services provided by the UPS for the comfort of the users, but the user who is new to the UPS may not be aware of these services of UPS tracking of parcels. In this article, we have fully explained the service and how to use this service and platforms to use the UPS tracking services to track your package easily.

UPS Tracking Service:

UPS tracking service provided by the UPS is to help the users to get the information regarding the current status of your article. It is a self-service portal that can be used by entering the UPS tracking id of your parcel. Once you enter the UPS tracking id, it will show you the full processing of the parcel from the original location along with the current location of the parcel. This service provided by UPS is free of cost and also available for all the packages and shipment mode done via UPS services.

Source: UPS Official Channel

To track your package what you need is a UPS tracking id. Once you leave your parcel with the nearest UPS service location you will get the UPS tracking number for your package from them. Now half the work is done UPS updates the status of each parcel at every UPS location, and you can get details of your parcel status and location by using the UPS tracking id. All the methods suggested below in this article can come in handy in tracking the UPS parcel using Ups tracking id.

To know the current status of your parcel UPS tracking id is a must. Without UPS tracking id it is impossible to track your courier by using self-service. So if you are eager to know the details of each step of your parcel processing then keep in mind to get the UPS tracking id for your parcel while using any mode of UPS services.

UPS Tracking Number

UPS tracking number is a unique number assigned to each parcel to be delivered somewhere via UPS services. This number is used in tracking the current status of the UPS package. The concept of tracking of the parcel is not new and is used by many of the parcel delivery services all over the world. Every time a package arrives at UPS they name the parcel with a tracking number and the same tracking number is given to the customer for tracking of that parcel. No two articles or parcels can have the same tracking number, and after the delivery of the parcel, the tracking number is closed. You must be thinking how the UPS tracking id looks like. Ups tracking id is of four formats, samples of all the formats are given below for you.

UPS Tracking Number Format

UPS Tracking number if UPS found in 4 formats are as mentioned below:

  • 1Z9999999999999999
  • T9999999999
  • 999999999
  • 999999999999

You will find your UPS parcel tracking number from the formats mentioned above. If your parcel tracking number is not from the above format then it is not the UPS tracking number it may be any other number. UPS tracking id starts with “1Z” followed by six digits indicates the shipper number which is followed by a two-digit service level indicator. After service level code eight numbers are unique numbers allotted to each parcel or package.

Below some types of UPS tracking numbers are given which can be easily tracked by the UPS and the length of UPS tracking may vary from 7 to twenty letters based on the types of parcel and format.

    • House Air Waybill: –this number is assigned for air freight movement service.
    • House Bill of Lading: – this number is assigned for ocean freight movement service 
    • UPS Service Notice: – The number provided at the time of 1st time delivery attempted by anyone. 
    • PRO Number: – this number is assigned for surface freight movement service
  • UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Numbers: UPS Mail Innovations tracking numbers follow a somewhat different format from the other common UPS tracking numbers. The format of UPS tracking number for UPS email Innovation track is given below:
  • Sequence Number (also MMS/MMI digits or Number) 
  • UPS Mail Innovation assigns eighteen digit numbers in tracking id.
  • United States Postal Service Delivery Confirmation Number: U.S. Postal Service assigns a twenty-two to thirty-four digit tracking number for their parcels to track.
  •  Mail Innovations Compliant Package ID: Mail innovations complaint package id is assigned to each package by the shipper. The format of the email innovation package ID is given below:


MI–  it indicates the UPS Mail Innovations service

YYYYYY–  this  is a unique 6-digit number assigned by UPS Mail Innovations

  • HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- this is a unique number, up to 22 characters, assigned to each parcel by the shipper to identify a mail piece.  This number is a combination of alphanumeric words, and the same number is not used for any other package for the next six months.

Above we have discussed some of the tracking numbers used by the UPS and can also be tracked by the UPS. Now you must have some knowledge of the UPS tracking number, and now we will discuss some methods by using those methods and UPS tracking number you can easily track the current status of your parcel.

UPS Tracking without Number

As we all know that UPS assigns a tracking number to each package on their network. Whenever your shipment is confirmed, you will receive a UPS tracking number. Do you know that UPS tracking without a number is possible? When you lost or misplaced the UPS tracking number, how do you know when your shipment will arrive? Fortunately, there are several ways for UPS tracking without a number. So let’s start with some basics. First of all keep in mind that UPS tracking numbers start with 1Z and contain 18 characters, different formats also exist. For example, UPS Info Notice uses 12 digits long tracking numbers.

UPS tracking without a number is possible with the reference number. At the time of shipment, the shipper has an opportunity to assign a reference number to the package. It can be the purchase order number or a description of the goods.

Track UPS package without tracking number

In today’s modern & digital life we got too many notifications on smartphones, and rarely we take a look at all of these notifications and we just clear them all. And that’s the reason you may lose your UPS package tracking number. So if you have lost your UPS package tracking number you no need to worry anymore. You can simply track your UPS package by a reference number. Here we will guide you on how it works

During the shipment, the shipper has a chance to assign a reference number to the package. Follow these simple steps:

  • Reach to click on the second option ‘Track by Reference Number.’
  • Fill up the form and you will get the information about your package

If you don’t have the tracking number and even if you don’t have the reference number, contact the shipper he might provide you the reference number.

UPS Tracking Methods:

UPS provides various tracking methods that help in getting the exact locations of your parcel. Many of you must not be aware of all such methods to track the UPS parcel. In this article, we have explained a no. of methods by using which one can easily track his parcel current status. By going through this article, you will come to know about all the UPS tracking methods, and from these methods, you can choose one suitable for you, or one that seems easy to use for you.

Track Package Using UPS Tracking Number:

Step by step guide to tracking any UPS parcel by using the UPS tracking number is given below have a look at it:

Step 1: Firstly you need to go to the official site of UPS or just click here to go to the homepage of the UPS official website.

Step 2: Select your location from there and click on the continue button

Step 3: Look for the tracking tab there and select the option of Track shipment from there.

ups tracking, ups tracking number

Step 4: Now just enter the tracking number of the parcel which you have received while booking your parcel from the UPS store. You can track more than one parcel at a time just you have to enter the second parcel number one after another in format one number per line. UPS provides a facility to track up to 25 parcels in a single click.

UPS tracking, UPS tracking number

Step 5: once you have entered your tracking number then click on the track button present there. And a new page will appear containing the updated current status of your parcel. In the case of the wrong parcel tracking number, a message will be displayed on the screen showing message of the wrong tracking number.

Step 6: In the case of any error recheck your tracking number and try again. If the problem of the wrong tracking number persists again, then contact the UPS officials or sender of the parcel.

Method 2: UPS Package Tracking by Reference

You can also track your UPS order by reference too. To track your order by reference you just have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly you need to go to the official site of UPS or just click here to go to the homepage of the UPS official website.

Step 2: Select your location from there and click on the continue button

Step 3: Look for the tracking tab there and select the option of Track shipment by reference from there.

Step 4: Now you have to select the shipment type as a package, mail innovation, or freight for further options for tracking.

The package option is for the single parcel or the shipments weighing more than 70kgs/150lbs if your parcel falls into this category then select the package option.

The freight option is for the shipment packages of freight shipment of any weight.

You have to select UPS mail innovation for the packages weighing less than 0.45kg/1 lb.

UPS tracking, UPS tracking number

Step 5: Now you have to select the shipment reference. Shipment reference should not exceed 35 characters and it can be a combination of alphanumeric words.

Step 6: Now you have to select the shipment range from the available option.

Step 7: Now select the account of the user who is shipping the parcel.

Step 8: In case if you have any other UPS account, then mention it in the next field.

Step 9: Now you have to select the destination country of your package for further tracking.

Step 10: Now you need to enter the ZIP or postal code of the destination address.

Step 11: Before proceeding further just recheck the data entered to avoid any chance of error. And when you are sure then click on the Track button and the details of your package will be shown to you on the next page.

UPS Tracking Order By Email

Above mentioned two processes take a lot of time to track your parcel and are a bit lengthier. For the people who have a very tight busy schedule, they may use this feature of tracking your UPS parcel. UPS provides service to track your shipment by just using email. To use this service by UPS, you only have to email your tracking number to this email address [email protected]. By this feature you can also track more than one shipment packages limit of tracking shipment is limited to 25 by this method.

The process of tracking your shipment packages by Email is given below:

  • For tracking of the single package you just have put your package tracking number on the subject and also in the body and mail it.
  • For tracking of more than one package you need to enter all your packages tracking numbers in the body section and can leave the subject section blank in this case.

In return for your email, you will get all details along with the current status of your shipment in your mail.  This service is not available for the freight packages.

To use this service, one must have to first register on the UPS official website. Then you will be able to use the UPS tracking services or the UPS email tracking service to get the current status of your shipment package.

UPS SMS Tracking

UPS also offers service to track your shipment package by SMS. To avail this service you have to opt for this service while leaving your package for delivery at the nearest ups service center. Below all the steps to track your shipment package using the SMS services are given below.  Next time keep in mind these important points while leaving your package for the Deliver at the nearest UPS locations.

  • The first thing you have to do is to visit the official website of the UPS by clicking here.
  • Then in the left corner, you have to enter the tracking number and click on the track button.
  • In the next page, you will get the tracking details related to your package.
  • There you will see an option “notify me with updates” click on it.
  • You will see two check-boxes mentioning notify by SMS and notify by email.
  • Select the option ‘Notify by SMS’ to get updates on SMS.
  • It will ask you for your mobile number.
  • Enter your mobile number there to proceed and confirm your mobile number by clicking confirm your mobile number.
  • Once you confirm your mobile number on the UPS official website tracking page, you will start getting the updates of your parcel on SMS.

In case you have a UPS account then you will get one more option to select “remember this number, ” and you will need not to confirm SMS updates for your next consignment again. And automatically you will get detailed updates via SMS for next time any product shipment.

If you find this service annoying you can also opt-out of it by visiting the official website and verifying your mobile number to unsubscribe from the SMS updates.

Track by UPS Mobile AppsTrack UPS package without tracking number

Now a day’s mobile platform is the most widely used platform for any work. Whether you are surfing the internet or searching for some important information, most people prefer to use mobile platforms. UPS also provides a mobile app for easy use of the UPS services in a few clicks. If you frequently use the UPS services, then it’s better to download the mobile platform app of UPS. The biggest advantage of using the Mobile platform app is its easy interface and easy to reach out features. On the mobile platform app of UPS all the services of UPS like tracking of the package, shipping rates or nearest UPS store locator all these features are made available for the mobile app users. And it is pretty quick to operate a mobile app than surfing on a laptop or system.  

For the ease of the customer’s UPS, the mobile app is available for both android and apple users.

You Can Download App via Below Link:

Track by Ups Mobile Apps Track by Ups Mobile Apps

UPS Express Critical Shipment Tracking

UPS express critical shipment tracking is the most popular service offered by the UPS instead of having a bit higher charges customers love it. This service offers same day delivery facility so is crucial for those who have tight schedules or are in a hurry to send their parcel as soon as possible. Not only this they also provide the tracking details of the package from time to time and in the case of any delay or change in route of the package delivery they do inform you also.

Track by UPS Info Notice

UPS also provides you with an UPS info notice number along with the UPS tracking number.  You can also track your parcel by that UPS info notice number. This UPS info notice number is helpful in case you have to pick up your parcel from the nearest UPS location this UPS info notice number can come handy.

There are many other advantages of tracking your shipment package by UPS info notice number. You can even change the delivery address if you know the UPS info notice number of your parcel or can reschedule you package delivery or any other modification in delivery of the package at your doorstep as per your convenience

To avail the tracking benefit from the UPS info notice number, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Firstly you need to go to the official site of UPS or just click here to go to the homepage of UPS official website.

Step 2: Select your location from there and click on continue button

Step 3: Look for the tracking tab there and select the option of Track shipment from there.

Track UPS Shipment

Step 4:  Enter your parcel Info Notice number in the window there and click on the track button to continue.

Step 5: You can track a maximum of 25 parcels at a time by using this service.

Step 6: If the InfoNotice number provided by you is correct then you will be shown with details related to your parcel on the next screen.

UPS Internet Shipping

For the customers who want their package to reach the destination in the fastest way then UPS internet shipping is the fastest way of shipping your parcel. You can schedule your package to be delivered at a specified time at the destination address. By using this service you, all shipping processes related to your package will be handled and hence will be the fastest service. And it will also be quite easy to track such packages whose shopping is done online.

Track with Quantum View

Quantum view helps in better understanding of shipping activity of every package and gives customer detailed summary related to the shipment.  Through quantum view, UPS tries to give enhanced services to their customers. Quantum view helps in the better-enhanced interface for the customers in knowing and managing their parcels and shipment.

UPS Signature Tracking

UPS signature tracking service provides the user the proof of delivery of their product with a digital signature and full delivery address. It is the most secure tracking service provided by the UPS to show tracking detail with the best delivery data system. In this service, the information is uploaded to the servers in fractions of seconds and enables UPS to give accurate detail about the current package status. UPS signature tracking service provides information through a real-time secure internet connection. UPS signature tracking authorized customers can get the proof of delivery of their package if they have the following information.

  • Picture of Signature
  • Your full name
  • Your full package delivery address

Note: You need to log in with My UPS to track your package through UPS signature tracking to make your information more secure and safe.

By Using UPS Enhanced Tracking

UPS enhanced service can be used by logging into MY UPS account. As the name states, this UPS tracking service provides enhanced tracking of the shipment. But to use this service one must be registered with the My UPS and then only he can avail this service and get benefited. All the benefits provided by this service are given below:

  • UPS enhanced tracking provides information related to the monitoring in CSV files via the email.
  • Using UPS enhanced tracking system allows you to track 100 parcels at a time.
  • You can also save 50 tracking numbers so that you will not have to enter it again and again.
  • You can also get notification related to your parcel in case of any delay.

The customer who wants to use UPS enhanced tracking service must be registered with the MY UPS. Visit this link to register yourself with the MY UPS.

  • You need to fill all the details compulsory to be filled in the form before proceeding further.
  • On the next page, you will get an agreement and term and conditions page. Go through all the terms and conditions very carefully.
  • Click on the, I have read all the terms and conditions and agreement and proceed.
  • This was the final step of your registration process.

Ups Tracking Of Package With “Follow My Delivery” Service

UPS follow my delivery service allows users to track the consignment on the map. This service of UPS comes under UPS My Choice service which was started back in 2011 by UPS. This means that to get the benefit of this service, you must have registered with the UPS My Choice first.

This service is available for both UPS freight as well as UPS worldwide express customers. This service is the most advanced form of tracking service offered by UPS to track the package as it allows you to track your package on the map. From this tracking facility, you will be able to follow each step of the parcel from the packaging of your product at the distribution center to the travel of consignment from one center to the other center and finally to the destination center. It keeps you updated about each step of the package from origin center to the destination station. Even you will be notified for the duration when the driver will take rest, or the carrier vehicle takes rest. But it will not share the driver route taken by him to deliver your package because of the safety issue.

This service works with the GPS tracking of the vehicle containing parcels. And hence you can say that the chance of misplacement of any package is not easy and if it happens you will be aware of it. Once the package is handed over to the driver GPS starts working, and you can track the package for all the duration until your package is received at the doorstep. Once your package gets delivered, the map will disappear. Some people are so short tempered that they can’t miss even a single update of their package and in case they don’t get any update they get worried. For these kinds of people, this service is a gift they now can track every step of their parcel from origin to the destination address. One valuable service to keep in mind is that UPS follows my delivery service and is available for those packages sent through the premium service.

Also, you can turn off alerts related to track if you don’t want any more updates. To unsubscribe from the alerts, you simply have to log on to your My Choice account and change the setting from there, and you will not get any update related to the tracking

Ups Package Tracking Via RSS

RSS feed has become a familiar source to get any information. What you need to do is only subscribe to the RSS feed, and you will get all your information in your email. You can also track your consignment quickly by using the RSS feed. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to follow the RSS feed to get the detailed update of your package tracking.

Step 1: To subscribe to the RSS feed for package tracking you must have your UPS tracking number

Step 2: Now navigate to the RSS navigation menu.

Step 3: For your ease, we have given URL for the tracking of your package you just have to enter the tracking number there in the Web page URL provided below:

Step 4:  Now just choose your favorite RSS reader and subscribe to that.

Step 5:  Copy the above mentioned URL and paste in the RSS page and press done.

Step 6:  You are done, and now you can get the details of your package.

UPS Ground Tracking

This is the most common used UPS service because of its cheaper rate. Not only is this service cheaper than others, but it also has a lot of benefits.  Some of the advantages of the UPS ground service are given below:

  • You can schedule the service for anytime.
  • Surity of timely delivery of your package at the destination.  
  • UPS ground service provides package status in advance. 
  • Faster delivery of your package than all other package delivery service providers.

With all these benefits you can also use value-added services like special package handling, collect on delivery services and all other services. You can track your UPS ground service package using any of the tracking methods explained in this article.

UPS Sure Post Service Tracking

UPS sure post service uses UPS ground service for shipping of packages through UPS, and the product is delivered to the receiver’s address by the USPS.  This service is almost the same as that of UPS ground service. And because of the involvement of UPS and USPS, you will get two tracking numbers for your parcel. Few benefits offered by the UPS sure post services are:

As per the package weight, six mailing options are there:

  • Packages weighing more than one pound.
  • Packages weighing less than one pound these packages should not be more than 130 inches in length.
  • Packages containing media and bound printed items. These packages should not be more than 108 inches in length.

The only advantage of using the UPS sure post service or UPS ground service is that it is more cost effective. Otherwise, the time taken by these packages to get delivered is more than the UPS ground delivery system. For the user who has registered with the UPS My Choice account, they can upgrade their package from UPS sure post service to the UPS ground service to get the delivery of the product faster. For this, they will have to pay the additional charges for the upgrade service.

UPS Mail Innovation Service Tracking

UPS mail innovation service or UPS-MI is a joint venture of the UPS and U.S. postal service to provide better services to the customers. The working of this service contains the picking of the package by UPS, and then that package is delivered by the USPS to the destination address. The service procedure of UPS-MI is as follows:

  • UPS collects the package at their fulfillment center and then delivers it to the USPS.
  • Now the USPS processes this package and delivers it to the destination address.

To track your UPS-MI package, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the UPS official website or click here.
  • Enter the tracking number of your parcel. (There is a limit of tracking 25 packages at a time).
  • Now just click on the “track” button to proceed further
  • On the next page, you will be shown with all the details related to your package.
  • In the case, if you don’t see your package information updated for a long time then you may visit the USPA official website and a track package from there.

While using UPS mail innovation service, you should consider following important points:

  • You must know the category of your product you are going to ship as the period of shipping of products of different classes varies.
  • In the case of delay in delivery of your parcel at the destination address then you should directly contact the UPS officials for getting your product delivered timely.
  • When you are contacting the UPS officials, then don’t forget to mention your tracking number to get your problem solved fast.
  • For standard packages processing time is 1-2 business days and transit time is 3-7 business days. So according to this, it may take a total 4-9 business days for delivery of shipment through UPS-MI.

UPS Freight Package Tracking

UPS freight tracking service is useful for those who have to track the freight parcel. You can track freight packages by two methods mentioned below:

  1. By using the PRO number provided by the UPS at the time of leaving your package at the UPS store location.
  2. By using the reference, you can also track the Freight package.

A complete step by step guide to track the Freight package by reference is given above in this article you can refer to for detailed info.


Using UPS services always gives you satisfactory results. UPS is consistently improving their services for their customers to provide better user experience. UPS is now almost available in most of the countries all over the world. UPS provides timely delivery of the parcel with proper security and their same day delivery service is quite popular among the users. To improve the user satisfaction, they also provide the tracking services and the methods mentioned above are very useful while tracking your parcel. If you face problems in using any of these services, then you may leave your query in the comment section below.